Technology Introduction and Process

The GEM Technology is a patent pending process that decreases the consumption (line demand) of every induction motor that utilizes its technology. The savings range from 10% to 20% on average or even higher under certain configurations and conditions as proposed by certified electrical professionals. GEM’s technology makes all induction motors potential energy savers rather than energy consumers.

Our technology controls, confines, regulates, and then utilizes as real power the greater majority of reactive power (kVAR) which exists in every induction motor during its operation. This is done before the induction motor demands line power for its operation. In essence Performa’s patented process decreases the consumption (line demand) in every induction motor that utilizes its technology. GEM technology makes induction motors potential energy savers!

The GEM Technology has been proven in motors starting at 15 hp to 400 hp, with endless possibilities through special orders for 400 hp and above.