• Water (Potable or Waste)
  •          Pumping, circulation, mixing, aeration
  • Buildings
  •          HVAC chill water circulation, condenser, water towers
  • Industrial
  •          Pump systems, fan systems, compressed air, mixing, extruding, heating, cutting
  • Municipal
  •          Sewerage, lift station, swimming pools, heating and cooling circulation
  • Mining
  •          Digging, crushing, and shaker screens
  • Food
  •          Chilling, storage, pumping, fans, compressed air

    Special Applications

  • At the moment, our technology is working with voltages 208-230/460V - 575V (AC).
  • Motors with high voltages are not considered for conversion (such as Volts of 4,160).
  • Motors from 2hp and 7.5hp should consult with operations to be assessed as special cases.
  • Currently, the technology conversion does not work on those engines using speed regulators (eg. Variable Frequency Drives, VFD).