Key Facts About GEM Technology

  • 1 We provide outstanding electric motor energy savings by means of its patent pending technology.
  • 2 Our technology can reduce electric energy consumption from 10% to 20% and, depending on conditions, much more.
  • 3 Our technology internally manages the reactive power to lessen electricity demand when motors are at full load or less than full load.
  • 4 Our technology eliminates electrical losses which, in turn, provides true motor design function.
  • 5 Our technology provides an inherent soft start that decreases start-up inrushes thus saving energy costs.
  • 6 Our technology reduces utilities’ peak demand (kVA).
  • 7 Our technology will lower input current to the motor without affecting work-load.
  • 8 Our technology has been proven in motors starting at 15 HP to 400 HP, with endless possibilities through special orders for 400 HP and above.

Product Description

  • GEM technology is a patented
    process that controls, limits, and
    then uses as real power most of the
    excessive magnetism (reactive power).
    This process is performed before the
    motors demand additional load from
    the power line.
  • Two step conversion process:
  •    + Internal motor re-winding according
          to GEM Technology’s specifications

       + External GEM Technology box

    Technological Specs